The Complete Guide to Crystals You Need to Own



If you are looking for a way to bring more positive energy into your life, crystals are a great place to start. A crystal is simply a mineral that has been formed over a period of time and has the ability to hold energy. The word "crystal" itself means "to grow clear." This is why crystals are often used by those who practice Reiki or other forms of energy healing. They help with concentration and focus, as well as improving moods and overall health in general.


Amethyst is a great crystal to help you with your meditation. It has been said to be very beneficial for those who are trying to learn how to meditate, as it can help them achieve deeper states of consciousness and assist in the process of becoming more aware of their body and mind.

Amethyst also has some pretty amazing qualities when it comes to creativity! This stone is known for its ability to aid in creative thinking and problem solving—so if you're looking for some inspiration or need a little boost in that department, this may be just the solution for you!

Amethyst can also combat negative energy by helping us release any pent-up feelings or emotions that may be holding us back from being happy and healthy on an emotional level. The best part about amethyst? It helps us feel more grounded so we don't get carried away by our own thoughts—and allows us all kinds of benefits like increased self-esteem (which leads directly into feeling good about ourselves), better decision making skills overall (so no regrets!)...and even helps ease stress levels which makes everything else easier too!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, and it's a beloved crystal for its healing properties. If you're having trouble with self-love or feeling disconnected from others, rose quartz can help you to feel more loving, open and connected with yourself and others. It's also known as the "stone of the heart chakra," so if you've been feeling angry or resentful toward someone recently (or even if you just want to give yourself a little extra kindness), rose quartz is an excellent addition to your collection. This pink crystal helps clear away negative energy from the body and mind while bringing in positive energy that allows for a more balanced outlook on life

Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most common stones in existence. Clear Quartz is a form of quartz that has been polished and cleaned, making it a great stone to use if you're looking for clarity or energy. The name "Clear Quartz" refers to its transparency, which allows light to pass through easily.

This crystal can help you see things more clearly and make better decisions in life. It can also enhance your ability to manifest what you want in life as well as create positive outcomes for yourself, like helping you get into college or land an interview at a job that's right for you.


Citrine is a powerful stone that can help you manifest your dreams and desires. It’s also great for balancing your emotions and increasing your self-esteem.

It has the power to attract wealth, success, abundance, and prosperity into your life. It helps you get rid of fear and anxiety while helping you realize that everything happens for a reason.

Citrine helps you gain clarity about yourself so that you can make better decisions in life. It will guide you towards making wise choices in life by keeping away negative thoughts from entering your mind or heart.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone that can help to protect you from negative energy, while also giving you a sense of balance and harmony. This crystal is recommended for anyone who feels that they are being negatively affected by other people's energy. Black Tourmaline will act as a protective barrier against the negativity, so you don't have to worry about absorbing it into your own body and mind. It is also beneficial for weight loss, sleep disorders, depression or anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone that comes from the Middle East. It's known as a protective stone, and can help you stay grounded and calm in stressful situations. This crystal is also said to be good for creativity, helping you tap into your imagination and open up your mind. Lapis Lazuli can be used for meditation because it helps you stay centered and focused on the present moment.


Pyrite is a stone of good fortune and abundance. It helps you to bring in money, success and abundance into your life. This stone is also known as fool’s gold because it looks like gold, but it's not really worth anything. However, this mineral has many healing properties that will help you to attract more wealth into your life!

It is associated with the sun and brings you success in your career or business because it increases your confidence levels so that you can move forward towards achieving what you want out of life. It is also a very protective stone as well as being able to find your way out of difficult situations when all seems lost - especially if combined with another crystal such as Amethyst or Clear Quartz (which we will talk about next).


Aquamarine is a stone of truth, honesty and communication. It can help you to be more compassionate and understanding.

It helps you open your mind and heart so that you can see the good in people. It inspires you to communicate your feelings clearly.


Carnelian is a stone of courage, protection and manifestation. It’s also a stone of motivation and self-worth. This crystal can help you to find your own inner strength so that you can pursue what it is that you want in life without fear of failure or rejection.

Carnelian helps to dispel fear and worry by helping you to see things for what they are and not let your mind play tricks on yourself by exaggerating the situation at hand. If an issue does arise in your life, Carnelian will help you approach it from a rational perspective rather than being reactionary or emotional about it. It will give support by reminding you why moving forward despite any challenges makes sense for your overall growth as well as helping others around them grow as well!

These crystals can bring you a lot of good energy.

Crystals are an amazing tool to bring good energy into your life. They’re also a beautiful way to take care of the planet and its inhabitants, which is something that we should all be doing anyway. All crystals have healing properties, but some vibrate at higher frequencies than others. The higher the frequency, the more powerful it is—and if you want something really powerful, you need a combination of high-frequency crystals!

The great thing about crystals is that they help us on our spiritual journey, physical journey and mental journey simultaneously…or at least they can if we use them correctly!


Crystals are a personal choice. You can buy them, or you can find them in nature. The important thing is that you find the crystals that work best for you and your needs.