The heart chakra, also known as the Anahata chakra, is the bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.  Love, compassion, forgiveness, manifesting, and the ability to give as well as receive is associated with the heart chakra.

Meditations centered around releasing emotional blockages, trauma, grief, or past relationships can help to alleviate tension and increase energetic flow.  YAM is the mantra which activates the heart chakra, and can be used to bring awareness to the center of your chest.  Green and pink are associated with the heart chakra; working with green and pink stones, wearing green and pink clothes and adding more green foods to your diet can help balance this chakra.

Pink crystals radiate love, compassion and healing.  Including healing stones in your daily life can look like placing a stone in your pocket or bag, adding a crystal to your desk or workspace, or keeping it somewhere safe until you are ready to meditate with it.  Prior to working with your crystal, cleanse and charge the stone, and set a healing intention for it to assist you with.  Wrapping your crystal in silk or keeping your stone in a black velvet bag is a great way to maintain it's energetic potency if you are stowing it away.

Stone to Work With - To Help With . . .

Rose Quartz - Radiating Love, Sexual Trauma, Sexual Imbalances

Aura Rose Quartz - Connecting the Third Eye & Heart Chakras, Connecting with Love for Self and the Universe

Danburite - Emotional Healing, Incorporating a High Vibrational Energy

Eudialyte - Self Forgiveness, Self Love

Pink Fluorite - Heartache, Emotional Healing, Breakups

Pink Carnelian - Restoring Love and Trust, Relationships Between Parents and Children

Kunzite - Growing Up Too Fast, Inner Child Healing, Heartache

Muscovite - Integration of Painful Feelings

Pink Agate - Unconditional Love and Differences

Rhodochrosite - Sexual Trauma, Self Love

Pink Sunstone - Emotional Blockages

Rhodonite - Forgiveness, Healing Long Term Abuse, Self Love

Cobaltoan Calcite - Unconditional Self Love, Compassion, Forgiveness

Mangano Calcite - Grief, Trauma, Self Worth, Self Acceptance

Morganite - Attracting Love, Releasing Victim Mentality, Self Love

Watermelon Tourmaline - Relationship Harmony, Love, Tenderness

Pink Tourmaline - Feeling Safe to Love, Emotional Healing